G Suite Customer Success Specialist:Andy Khaw

If you like fast-paced environment as me, TS Cloud Sdn.Bhd. is a great company for you.

What was your job before joining TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd.?

Before joining to TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd., I was doing my internship in an Investment Trading Academy. My job scope is analysing foreign exchange market to seek for potential opportunities. In my opinion, investment is a long term passive income, so I would like to look for an active job and make investment as my sideline job. My ideal job is sales after I finish my internship because it is considered one of the high income skills. Fortunately, I found TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd.is expanding its market into Malaysia and they are offering Sales Position.

After evaluating the product (G Suite) and I sincerely think this cloud based tools can really improve company productivity and it has a large potential growth in near future Hence, I decided to join TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd. and grow together.

What do you think of TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd. after joining it?

When I first came into TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd., I don’t adapt it as it totally changed the definition of sales in my mind. I always thought that a salesperson would have to travel and meet a lot of people to introduce the products. Besides that, in my past experience, I don’t need to stay in the office and deal with the affairs of the documents. The work often requires a large amount of paperwork and providing customer support by calling and replying email to customers. Because I am not familiar with this type of work, it takes a little bit of time for me to practice and increase my speed and accuracy for this job.

On top of that, some specific IT terms would need to be understand as I have never experienced working in an IT company. I would need to learn from zero basic again in order to know what is the content of the job. All in all, I am appreciated that our seniors are willing to guide us whenever we face any problems.

I learned to develop the ability to think independently and do things quickly, because all colleagues throughout the company are 100% dedicated to their work, and everyone hopes to make contributions to the company. This is a good atmosphere, which can drive the morale of the whole company to increase.

What is your job scope?

Customers! Customers! Customers! XD

G Suite department’s main job is to sell G Suite, giving perfect product introduction, follow-up and after-sales service for customers, therefore we will need to constantly enrich our professional knowledge in order to have the ability to solve technical problems for our customers. At the same time, we need to greatly improve on speed because we may have a lot of phone calls in a day.

In addition to G Suite job scope, I will also have many opportunities to come into contact with other challenges in different areas because TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd. is a new company in Malaysia. For instance, I have chance to record accounting ledger and financial projection for Malaysia company to help our financial and accounting department in Taiwan. It is killing two birds with one stone because I am able to learn not only sales, and also learn knowledge in Accounting and Finance.

Andy Khaw-2

What do you think about this company?

If you like fast-paced environment as me, TS Cloud Sdn.Bhd. is a great company for you. You will feel the boss is leading us towards obstacles that we have encountered, and solve the problems one by one eventually share the joy of success. I personally think this is a very valuable experience as you may not have the chance to work together with the boss. In addition, seniors and Mr Tanaka are happy to share their experiences on how to run the business successfully and useful working tricks for us. Boss will also buy books for our self-improvement. I enjoyed every moment when I working in TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd.

What advice you would give to those who would join TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd. in future?

I can guarantee you will have the steepest learning curve in your life if you work in TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd.. Our company will provide resources for you to learn if you need. Make sure you make the best use of it. As a wise man said, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

Everyone in our company is very nice and friendly, and happy to give you guidance and help. However, I would recommend you to look for the answer on your own before you ask because it’s not appropriate to keep bothering others.